Self Helpless EP

by The Scenic Route

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released April 23, 2013

Recorded at Blast House Studios in Madison, WI
Mixed by Jared Norton
Mastered by Silvertown Studios



all rights reserved


The Scenic Route Madison, Wisconsin

We play Pop Punk and We're from the Madison, WI area. Go Packers.

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Track Name: Better Luck Next Year
I hope you're doing alright
I hope that screaming silence doesn't keep you up at night
I'm sure he'll hold the door for you
when you say it's time to go

Every time I try, reminds me not to try at all
and I hate it
I just want to die and see if you'd come to my funeral
or would you blame your new guy for your absence

I'm learning every day
the value of you leaving me
I tried so hard to be
Everything that you need
so you could walk all over me
that's just how this shit works, that's just how it works

I need to find myself some stable ground
this roller coaster's got me staring up into the clouds
and the view from here's exhausting it just keeps me down
there's gotta be more to life then living in this dead end town
Track Name: Unrequited
I tried so hard to make this right
I tossed your sheets from my bed
but your scent still fills my head
I don't wanna live afraid to love
just cause things may not work out in the end
I'll wear my heart on my sleeve, til there's nothing left at all

It seems the only way to be loved
is to not let em know at all

Wrap your arms around me, don't run away
one too many times i've been led astray
I'm looking out for me tryin not to let us waste another day
there has to be a better way

Can you tell me, are you listening

I can't wait for the day that i'm proved wrong
I know it will come but just how long
that we don't have to live and die alone
I'm not quite as strong on my own

That i'm proved wrong
so prove me wrong
Track Name: Grit
Everyday I tell myself
not to remember the way you loved
I still hold on
to these feelings for 2 whole years now
I swear you seemed so happy

So tell me is this only wishful thinking
I spent last night recalling the good memories
the bad ones seemed so far and few between
you've blinded my sight you're my everything
My minds the only thing thats keeping me grounded
I'm so young and weak and it's starting to feel like a mountain
of shit I can't climb without a crutch, I'm forgotten
I wish a world without you existed in my head

I'm not weak, I'm dead
I'm not weak I'm

Everyday I tell myself
not to remember the way you loved
I still hold on
to these feelings for 2 whole years now
I swear you seemed so happy

I can't believe the things I'm spewing out my mouth
there's more to life
Track Name: Restart
well i'm done feelin sorry for myself
it doesn't have to be this way
every breath I take, happiness is on its way
if it's worth anything to you
you sucked me dry
now i'm stuffed full of life inside
I swear i'm not comin back
this change is permanent
the scars you left i'm over it
i'll take my chances somewhere else
and wish for better health

It doesn't have to be this way
I'm done playing these mind games
It doesn't have to be this way

I'm reconnecting with myself again
if i had to go back i'd rather be dead

don't you understand me
don't you understand

I realize this world is filled with lies
I won't take the faithful for granted anymore

I'm much better now
left you to die by yourself

Stronger, on my own, I never needed anyone
so let me be, this worlds got ways of letting all it's people down
and you'll be the one to see